Sunday, September 5, 2010


This is my first ever quilt top! Last Christmas I received my first ever sewing machine as a present and my good friend recommended that I take a quilting class to learn how to use it. The class was in February / March and by the end of it I had all the blocks done, but hadn't finished the sashing or borders. I finished these in the span of a couple of weeks. I am quite in LOVE with it! So much so, that although I had originally planned to learn how to quilt it myself by taking another class I have decided to pay someone to quilt it for me. I am going to make another quilt top that I will use to learn how to quilt. My plan is to make quilts for my nephews for Christmas and I'll learn how to do the quilting part on one of these quilts because, honestly, 8 year old boys are not going to notice the quality, or lack there of, of the quilting. Whereas, I'd hate my novice quilting skills to ruin this quilt top that I'm so in love with!

This is my favorite block - it's called Margaret's Choice. So, it's mine!

This block is Black Spruce. I made it for my Sweet Baboo because he loves trees. It is sideways on purpose. He told me that having it sideways was more "po-mo". Apparently he has strong post-modern tendencies and so this was important. It's my second favorite because it's his!

Totally unrelated, here is a picture of Winston doing something he doesn't usually do - sitting in the recliner. Now, Winston generally has the run of our house, he sits on the couch, he sleeps on the bed, say what you like it's the way it is. Generally he doesn't sit in the recliner because he doesn't like it very much. On this particular day he decided he couldn't be apart from me so he climbed up into my lap. It was pretty funny!

On another totally unrelated topic, yesterday I was wearing my Sock Summit 2009 sweatshirt to one of our local businesses and the man working behind the counter said to me, "Hey - I missed that, was it fun? Was it some kind of rock concert?" I looked at him and said, "Noooooo, it was a sock knitting conference. But, it was fun! It was in Portland, Oregon. There's going to be another one next year, you should check it out." The whole thing just made me laugh and my Sweet Baboo thought it was really hilarious!!

I have been knitting - I'm working on the second half of the B&B sweater. I understand why the name of the pattern is what it is, but at the same time I find it to be kind of a goofy name, so I'm trying to figure out another way to refer to it. My apologies to the designer. Again, as I said, I do understand why the name is the way it is.

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